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Welcome to
Sabrina's At The Forks!
Located on the Downie River, 
The Heart Of Downieville, CA 

Restaurant & Catering
Breakfast • Lunch • Early Dinner
Cafe & Deli Services

MTB Pre-Order Coffee, Breakfast Burritos, Sandwiches, Wraps
Picnic Boxes for your River Day or in-room kick back day 

Coffee Shop
Butter Me Up Bakery
Pantry: Homemade Jams, Granola & more

Beer & Wine Bar
Friday & Saturday Happy Hour

Catering services include: private parties and personal meal prep.
Retail services include: Pour Over and 1 lb. bags of Coffee; Varietal of Healthy Sports Drinks; Soft Drinks, Beer and Wine. 

We rent Stand Up Paddle Boards, Float Devices, & River Tubes.


Aromatic herbs and vegetables on a old Wooden Background. Vegetarian food, health or cooki

farm to fork.

Sabrina's At The Forks takes pride in offering our customers the highest quality products available. We are committed to literally going the extra mile(s) to locally source produce, beef, pork, fish, and chicken. We serve Organic Coffee, Espresso, dairy products, and bread that are hand-picked and sourced from specialty stores located in nearby Counties.  We pride ourselves on preparing delicious homemade food, baked goods, and bread with recipes embedded with Superfoods. As well as serving original coffee drinks, craft beer and wine from Napa Valley. We strive to provide our customers with natural and wholesome proteins and work with companies whose mission includes the ongoing support of people and our planet. It is these commitments that drive us every day.  We are happy to share our love for food and people. The owner, Sabrina, has worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. This business in Downieville, CA became the American Dream in May 2017.

What a pleasure to share our love for service to people with the Community.


The Team at Sabrina's At the Forks. 

Citrus Fruits

Coffee & Espresso Bar

The craft of coffee brewing runs in our cores. As a small-town cafe, we care deeply about the quality and taste of each cup.
We look forward to welcoming you for a comforting cup of coffee.


Our Coffee & Espresso Collection

Trust the Flavor

Introducing the finest coffee and espresso flavors, served by our devoted crew. Each flavor has its own uniqueness and strength to match perfectly with what you’re craving. Check out the collection below and pick the best fit for you.


Alpen Sierra Coffee Statement

Behind every cup of Alpen Sierra coffee is the commitment to ethical sourcing, unmatched quality, and ongoing support of people and the planet. From traveling to origin to meet the farmers who grow our beans to roasting at elevation for a sweeter, smoother taste—each of our distinct roasts is a product of our passion for honest living, hard work, everyday adventure, and lasting relationships.



Start Every Day Fresh

A premium sustainable coffee blend, originally formulated for espresso. The delicate, nutty-sweet aroma is followed by a smooth cup of almond, citrus and dark chocolate notes. The cup is rich, finishing smooth and round.

Making Coffee
Pouring Coffee into Filter

Mexico Chiapas


Flavor to Die For

This sparkling Chiapas region coffee features nutty aromas of dark cocoa, cinnamon, and almond. The Geisha varietal, as part of the coop harvest and offering, influences the cup to round out the sweet flavor of cocoa, clove, almond and citrus.

Pour and Explore_edited_edited.jpg


Premium Coffee On The Go

These convenient filter pouches are ready to brew, containing 12.5 grams of Alpen Sierra’s expertly ground Certified Organic Alpenglow Mountain Blend for fixing a real tasty cup on the go. Nitrogen-flushed for freshness, the Pour & Explore single cup is our answer to your challenge of enjoying excellent coffee with minimal requirements. Needs: Hot water, cup, let’s go attitude. Enjoy!

Business Hours

Come Visit!

Daily Business Hours

7 Days a Week

7:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Serving Coffee, Baked Goods, Breakfast, Lunch, Tap Beer, and Wine.

We feature Butter Me Up Bakery baked goods. 

Catering Services: Year Round!

Winter Events: December Holiday On Main. 

New Year's Eve Dinner, Valentine's Day Dinner.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner, Mother's Day Brunch

Summer Events: May: Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday Opening MTB Season Party

June:  Sierra Frontier Medical Resources, Inc. Benefit

October: Downieville and Sierra City Fire Department Fundraiser

New 2023: Downieville's Winter Meal Preparedness & Delivery Services.

Contact Us

+1 530 289 0155

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