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NEW 2023

Winter Community Meal Program

Effective January 23 - March 31, 2023

Serving Downieville, Good Year’s Bar, and Sierra City

Sabrina’s At The Forks

Prepared Meal & Delivery Program

“Home-cooked, scratch-made meals prepared and delivered to your door.”

Do you feel too busy to shop, prep, and cook weekday meals for your family, or yourself?

If you answer yes, this program is for you.


Receive a 3-day Pantry Supply for just $50 a week.

How much is your time worth?


What You Receive

3 meals + 1 surprise food item delivered to your home or business.

Or you can pick it up. 


How It Works

  1. Go to our website at

  2. Under Menu Click “Community Meal Program”

  3. Review the Menu & Ingredients to ensure our menu fits your goals.

  4. Decide if this service works for you and/or your family.

  5. Text Sabrina at (916) 730-2070 to set up an appointment.

Be prepared to discuss any questions and goals.

6. Commit to yourself

7. Receive home-cooked meals delivered to your door every Sunday.

We are surveying customers to determine what day meets people's needs.

COMMITMENT Sabrina’s At The Forks is now offering a prepared meal and delivery program. Our focus is to provide healthy, organic, locally sourced scratch-made meals to the people in our community. Since 2017, we strive to design our recipes using vetted health principles to achieve the maximum benefits from the food we serve. It is our goal through this program to introduce principles to you and your family that will last your body a lifetime.


We want to achieve reasonable pricing for this new service. We are constantly searching for ways to reduce current inflated food and travel costs such as searching for sales, deals, and in-season food. Towards this end, the menu will be designed weekly.


COMMUNITY We offer a 20% discount and free delivery for people 65 years and above. Sponsor Your Neighbor…..Do you have a neighbor who could use home-cooked healthy meals made with love? Sponsor your neighbor and receive a coupon for free coffee and desserts at Sabrina’s At The Forks.   

ENVIRONMENT We are committed to finding eco-friendly to-go containers that are best designed for this purpose. We will be trying different packaging methods and ask for your patience as we work through this process. 


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



Week of January 30th

Presenting a taste of my life!  Cheers, Sabrina


Beef Stew

My Dad's Way

USDA Prime Roast Beef stewed savory with peppers, onions, garlic, and tomatoes seasoned with various Mexican herbs served with legumes and rice.


Mom’s Oklahoma Style Fried Chicken and Creamy Gravy

Range Free Chicken Legs fried to crispy brown is served with a rich gravy to cover a buttermilk biscuit, and green vegetables.


Classic Meatloaf

Freshly ground beef and a sweet and tangy glaze topping is served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots and green beans.  

Menu - Week of Jan 24


Meat Lasagna

A proper serving of scratch-made Meat Lasagna served with green salad, and garlic bread.


Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken served with cilantro white rice and green salad. 


Chicken Casserole

Chicken enchilada casserole with green sauce served with side of legumes. 

Additional Food Selections


Superfood Smoothie Bag

16 oz.

Frozen Fresh Berries, Collagen, Green Superfoods, and Plant-based Vanilla Protein Supplements, and Oat Milk.



Ala Cart Menu


5 oz. Protein


12 oz. Roasted Vegetables


32 oz. Green Salad



Butter Me Up Bakery

Better Than Sex Cake

Fruit Shortcake

Orange Creamsicle Cake

Fruit Crisp

Out of this World Brownie

8 x 8 pans for just $10. Order no less than 24 hours in advance is requested. Larger sizes or additional baked goods are available. Please contact us with bakery orders. See More Info for product descriptions.

Meal Plan Add On's


Family Meals

Coming Soon


Breakfast Prepared Meals

Coming Soon.


Coffee Club

Coming Soon.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

Welcome letter Kick Off Week

                                                                                                                                                                 January 23, 2023

Hello Client,

Thank you for signing up for Sabrina’s at The Fork's new Meal Preparation and Delivery Services effective January 23, 2023, through April 5, 2023.

I consider it a personal honor to receive the opportunity to prepare meals for your family.

My personal philosophy includes a belief that I can either go with the flow and let life create me or, I have a choice and I can create my own life. It is not always easy to make the right choices, however, it is always worth it. Other favorite sayings I practice are:

Healthy brains and bodies in the household create an esteemed environment both individually and as a family unit. A healthy brain and body rule the soul.

So, congratulations to you for choosing yourself, in one way or another. We are happy to be along with you on your journey.


Every Tuesday by noon, Menus are posted at When my Home Page populates, scroll down slightly, and click the bar titled “Community Meal Program.” The Community Meal Program section contains the menu for the following week. There is also a list of additional items available to purchase, text me.

Notification to place a hold on meal services must be done by noon on Wednesdays. Sunday Delivery: Good Years Bar 3:30 PM; Downieville 4-5 PM, Sierra City 5-5:30.

The vegetable serving size will increase to 12 ounces from 8 ounces.

Green salad will increase to a “sturdy” 32-ounce with toppings served on the side. The sides of the bread will be a larger cut.

A Protein serving size is 5 ounces. I will do my best to ensure 5–8-ounce portions. You can also purchase additional protein servings such as an extra chicken leg, etc. see pricing on my website.   

See you on Sunday, January 29th. Cheers,






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